‘Where Flora Sings‘ by Margaret Royall, released 28th Nov 2020

My 2nd Poetry Collection ‘Where Flora Sings’ Is available to order NOW!

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Here is the beautiful front cover.

Book blurb

This collection is primarily a celebration of all things floral, yet is much more than that, being also a hymn to life, for the poems are written from unusual and sometimes challenging perspectives. The poems in the 1st section, ‘Flower Power /People Power’, directly connect to flowers and plants either by extolling their virtues or by connecting flowers to people in an alternative way. The second section ‘Roses and Thorns’ gives an in-depth retrospective on the inherent joys and sorrows of life’s journey from cradle to grave, seen from the perspective of a woman in her third age, whose life has been punctuated by chronic illness, grief and loss. Yet they are very much an anthem to survival, a way of seeking peace and closure by exploring more difficult themes through the medium of poetry

Review by Nigel Kent

Margaret Royall’s ‘Where Flora Sings’ is a collection to lift the spirits during the long winter nights. Royall’s love of all things natural shines through on every page and the reader cannot help but share her delight through such beautifully observed, life-affirming poems. Though she acknowledges that nature can be brutal and life precarious, there is an unwavering optimism and faith in these poems. Age isn’t to be feared but to be valued and admired; nostalgia isn’t melancholic but comforting; to grieve is to have loved; and death is a precursor to resurrection. At the end of her poem, ‘Amaryllis’ Royall writes:’ Sweet memories of this colourful profusion/will stay forever locked within my heart’,  capturing perfectly what this reader will take away from her collection. 

Author of Saudade and Psychpathogen

Review by author/poet Angela Locke MA

Come now, sweet Spring!’ Margaret Royall’s assured voice evokes enchantment. A cornucopia of floral delights, tones of light and shade, wistful memories, woven with a green ribbon of Earth Magic into a captivating bouquet!Angela Locke: Author of ‘Dreams of the Blue Poppy’, ‘On Juniper Mountain’, ‘Mr Mullett Owns a Cloud’,’ ‘Mrs Mullett and the Cloak of Gaia’ and poetry collections ‘Sacred Earth’, ‘Whale Language: Songs of Iona’, ‘North Face’ and ‘Walls at the World’s End’.

Sample poem


Her face is yesterday’s rose……beautifully crumpled,

mapping out ancient well-trodden byways,

shedding fragrant petals to reveal an inner luminescence, 

a scent of musk permeating the patchwork beauty

Flashbacks dart across the mind’s eye like butterflies:

ritual bathing at the healing well, drinking chalice water,

dancing on dewdrop toes beneath rippling willows,

weaving garlands in the dark silence of druids’ caves

A voluptuousness, trickling from a love spoon,

her once youthful skin deliciously etched by the sands of time,

still radiating that irresistible lure of vintage charisma – 

the face of an English Rose, reborn in its third age.

Artwork by Marian Williamson which will be on postcard bookmarks included with every book. It illustrates the short poem ‘Dragonfly’ in the Collection.