2018 in Resumé


I hope to find more time for my blog this year. 2018 brought some achievements in being published and getting noticed. I seem to be getting the hang of things – so onwards and upwards!

A quick look at my writing activities and literary achievements:  

I was published in several anthologies including 4 with Hedgehog Poetry Press. I joined its Cult of the Spiny Hog.

Poems appeared in:

1) A Little Book of Inspiration ( accounts of outstanding personal memories)

2) Other People’s Freedoms ( poems celebrating 100 years since the 1914-18 war)

3) Ode to a Hedgehog ( the best poems on the subject of hedgehogs

4) A Christmas Gift for You ( anthology of poems based on titles of fami.iar carols)

My shortlisted poem also featured in the Crowvus Anthology “Pictures paint a thousand Words”

My love-themed poem “Love on a Hebridean Beach” was shortlisted for the Bangor Poetry Prize. It had to be hand-written, decorated, displayed in the art gallery there.

Below is the finished article. Quite impressive, if I say so myself! ( nothing like shameless self-promotion!!)


I took part in several open mic sessions with Writers Live in Southwell.

I was invited to read a selection of my poetry at my local U3a meeting, which was well received.

i was awarded a slot at the East Midlands Writers’ Conference to have a 20 minute session with Poet Malaika Booker, who was headlining at this. Very Illuminating……

in September I attended the annual Creative Writing Retreat on the magical Isle of Iona with Angela Locke and friends old and new………… creativity at its best there!

In March I attended a workshop with the marvellous George Szirtes in Leicester – “Writing without Constraint”

Humble achievements, I admit,  and I hope for greater things next year! Here’s to a productive twelve months! Yay!

My first poetry collection “Fording The Stream” under my pen name Jessica de Guyat is available to purchase from Amazon as ebook or paperback.

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