All Hallows’ Eve


Soulful sky in dying light; a cold moon shivering
beneath the infinite yawn of the Milky Way

Dance of first stars across the canopy of velvet
drawing down the ghosts of All Hallows’ Eve

Chimney-stacks loom down like Cimmerian spectres
casting their spell over fields deep in slumber

Cloud cover dissipates, revealing a tear in the canopy
Midnight heralds the parting of the veil between the worlds

I am temporary custodian of the key to mysteries beyond me….
but only for a star’s breath, beneath a shivering moon

Each bend in this lane as familiar as lines on my palms
My goose-down jacket warming as I watch my breath vaporise
A dim lantern creaks as it swings from a barn door
caught by the icy grip of a sudden gusting wind

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