Publication date draws near!

I am thrilled to announce that my memoir of childhood ‘The Road to Cleethorpes Pier’ is due for publication May 2020 with Crumps Barn Studio. I am really excited about this project and I have very much enjoyed writing about growing up in a seaside town on the East coast of England in the 40s, 50s and 60s. It has brought back many memories, events still vivid in my memory as well as ones I had almost forgotten. Looking out old photos to include in the memoir has been a real joy, although many are grainy and need careful restoration.

I have chosen an unusual format for the book, a fusion of poetry and prose passages as a nod to the Japanese prosimetric from called Haibun. In its traditional form it is usually a travelogue Consisting of haiku ( a Japanese’s 5-7-5 short verse form ) and prose – but I have adapted this to my own format.

Last August I revisited Cleethorpes and did some photography on the sea front. Much has changed over the years but some things are still the same. Here are a couple of photos I took from the promenade. As the resort lies at the mouth of the River Humber, a tidal river, the sea only comes up to the beach at high tide but is otherwise absent. Tourists are surprised if they arrive at low tide and cannot see the sea. The tide was out in these photos, hence no water in view.

Cleethorpes traditionally boasted five miles of golden sand. It has long been the resort of choice for holidaymakers and day -trippers from the Midlands and Yorkshire. It forms a conurbation with the larger town of Grimsby to the north, famous for its fishing industry.

photos of Cleethorpes beach showing a breakwater and the pier ( tide out)

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