My new book ’Immersed in Blue’

📚New Book Announcement📚

I am delighted to announce that I have a brand new book due out on December 5th 2021, published by Steve Cawte at the wonderful Impspired Magazine Press.

Please watch this space for further announcements re launch and pre-order dates, reviews and podcasts.

Immersed in Blue – the Iona Journals 2012- 2021

This book is part journal, part memoir, part travelogue, illustrated with beautiful colour photographs, comprising material written on retreat on the mystical Inner Hebridean Isle of Iona over the course of nine years. The writing is presented as a series of Haibun, a fusion of poetry and prose with a nod to the traditional Japanese prosimetric form but here updated to give a more contemporary, westernised feel.

Book blurb   

In 2012 a miracle occurred. While searching for a painting holiday the author chanced upon a creative writing retreat on the Inner Hebridean Isle of Iona. This mystical, magical place has since become what she describe as her heart-home, a place where she feels totally at ease, happy in her skin. She has returned year on year, each time producing a course project written as a Haibun (a mix of poetry and  prose), which seeks to capture the myriad faces of the island and explore its numinous beauty. In this collection extracts from her journals 2012-2021 have been selected with the intention of sharing the many sights and sounds, riches of flora, fauna and landscape that she has been privileged to experience. 

Here is a mock up of the book cover, still to be completed. Special thanks go to my friend Moira Brimacombe for permission to use one of her beautiful photographs for this. It is exquisite.

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